In our Belgium Hosting Control Panel you will find a user friendly Site Builder application, that you can use to design your site. The Website Builder boasts more than 1 hundred distinctive design themes, offered in different color choices, that you could customize to your preferences. In order to create a brand new website, there’s no need to comprehend HTML, PHP, CSS or some other back–end language. All you should be aware of is how to deal with the simple–to–use manager with the Site Builder. You can use it to speedily design brand–new web pages, update their information, include brand–new elements to your site and even more.

A Handy Web–site Builder

No development practical knowledge is needed

Not everybody has got the free time and ability to understand how to develop a personal or company site by hand. This is the reason why, our company offers a very simple, simple–to–use site building application that will help you get your web site on the Internet in just a few minutes. It gives you access to well over a hundred turn–key design themes that you could individualize to your taste.

Using the Website Builder, you don’t have to learn HTML, CSS or other language to make your own personal web site. If, nevertheless, you need help making use of the builder, take a look at the how–to videos or help posts.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

Numerous Site Templates

We offer more than a hundred site templates

Our company offers more than 1 hundred design templates with different coloring schemes and various styles. That way, you can make your web site exceptional from the very beginning. You can add more webpages, change their order, etcetera.

In case you no longer enjoy the appear of your website, you can easily switch the web template, the color scheme and the layout anytime. The whole website contents will be kept and will be visible on the brand new web template instantly.

Multiple Website Templates

How–to Instructional Videos

Observe how easy it really is to create a web site

Our Website builder is no doubt user friendly, nevertheless, to make the most of the web application, you’ll need some guidance and practical knowledge. To help you attain the greatest results, we have prepared several educational videos focused upon the many capabilities available from Site Studio.

The instructional videos will help you much better discover how to work with the site builder.

Video Tutorials